Ask anyone around and you'll hear very contrasting views between many contractors in southern Belize and A. L. Construction.  Consistently we have the reputation that our "yes is yes" and our "no is no."  When we say a bushel of wheat weights this much, the scale is zeroed and the amount is accurate.  In the end this means your product costs exactly what it should cost.  You can rest assured that even "add-ons" and "change orders" which inevitably need to happen are still priced reasonably and not blown out of proportion.



We own the concrete factory, the cabinet shop, and have in-house mechanical contractors, resulting in the end product costing you less.  Sometimes the "price per square foot" or the initial number at the bottom of the proposed contract might be slightly higher than a competitor, but the structure you get and the finishes you end up will save you money in the end.  Homes in the tropics require more maintenance if not constructed properly, with our experience we build homes that last despite these elements.  We believe in the saying "spend a minute planning and save hours of work later."  This truly  has a huge affect on the bottom line and your wallet.



A.L. Construction was founded in 1998 by Mr. Albert P. Loewen who has been in the construction profession his entire life.  He saw an opportunity and started the company for the express purpose of offering high quality construction solutions at the best possible prices, using only the best quality products and materials. As a building contractor, Albert has worked on a large variety of homes and resorts in the southern part of Belize. The business has grown considerably in the last 15 years and has become a well-renowned construction company throughout Belize. 




One area we excel in is our ability to complete a project in a timely manner.  With the economy in the shape it is in so many companies, large and small, start projects that they cannot finish.  Even if they are getting draws from a customer they shuffle funds around to keep everything going a little longer.  We do not juggle to keep everything in the air.  A. L. Construction has the financial strength to see every job we start to its completion.  



Overall, experience is what allows A. L. Construction to make your "overall experience" smooth from start to finish.  We know how to acquire property wisely.  We know how to get permits efficiently.  We know how to price and build in this climate, even simple things others overlook, like allowing exteriors to cure before painting, instead of painting quickly to get paid and move to the next customer.  We understand how weather affects homes 10 years down the road, and how different soil conditions call for different foundations.  We have 14 years of experience building on the peninsula.



In life, it is always important to compare apples to apples.  Our estimates for remodeling work or building a home take into account our long term relationship with the customer.  We build so as not to have constant fixes and maintenance issues.  Our end product costs you less than our competition when you take into account the quality of work and the high end finishes, which don't cost that much since they are all done in house.  A common complaint from customers of other companies is the house cost way more in the end than was estimated.  We have the experience which allows us to give you an accurate estimate based on what you want.

Established 1998

A.L. Construction Company Ltd.

Parcel 84, Placencia Road, Maya Beach 

Stann Creek District, Belize, Central America

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