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Our Offering

A.L. Construction and its division, A.K. Congrete & Aggregates, provide customers throughout Belize a wide range of concrete solutions in residential, commercial and infrastructer development.

Our Concrete Specialists

We have experienced and professional concrete specialists that assist you in all aspects of your project, from logistics to estimating. A project manager follows your job every step of the way, through completion. 

Our Quality

We have the best concrete, block and service in Belize. We take pride in going above and beyond your expectations with our commitment to excellence and quality.

Integrated and sustainable concrete solutions

A.L. Construction and its division, A.K. Concrete & Aggregates, offer truly integrated and sustainable concrete solutions for its customers throughout Belize.

Ready-mixed concrete, decorative concrete, concrete masonry, brick and more

We own and operate a network of ready-mix concrete plants and aggregate facilities. The company offers a full line of ready-mixed concrete, decorative concrete, high performance concrete, aggregate products, concrete masonry units, brick and decorative stone.

Our fleet of ready mix trucks and concrete booms deliver and place quality concrete for everything from residential driveways, to above grade walls in homes.

Everything from residential driveways, to above grade walls

Established 1998

A.L. Construction Company Ltd.

Parcel 84, Placencia Road, Maya Beach 

Stann Creek District, Belize, Central America

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