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Why use a consultant?

Construction in Belize is similar to the States but local advice and information is invaluable for the process to be smooth.

Our hands on experience

A. L. Construction has 15 years of experience and has learned through many trials the best possible way to go about projects in Belize.


Your peace of mind

In order to get a quality product that you feel good about and at a fair price, be sure to consult with A. L. Construction before dealing with local businesses and government entities.


Real Estate

Land prices are on the rise in Belize, especially in Placencia.  Before getting a lot of confusing advice from realtors and local experts, consult with Albert Loewen about the many nuances associated with land ownership and market pricing vs. whole sale pricing.





    More "builders" pop up in Belize each year, many former employees of larger companies trying to make it on their own.  When choosing a contractor make sure they have a good history in construction. Investigate their reputation with customers and other contractors. Make sure he is financially able to see the job to completion without unexpected "overages?"  Laslty, check the quality of the structure and whether the finished product is up to today's standards.



    While A. L. Construction is a builder, we are also a supplier of materials for most of the contractors in southern Belize.  Consult with us before moving forward with a contract with any builder.  We may not be who you chose to build, but we can still give you advice on who the right fit might be and make sure you are supplied with the best quality and priced materials for your home.



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