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Choosing the right home builder

Since 1998, A.L. Construction, has built and remodeled over 40 homes and resorts in the Placencia peninsula area. Finding a quality home builder you can trust especially when you are thousands of miles away from your property, is the most important decision behind making the right real estate purchase.  

Speak to one of our Consultants

If you are still deciding where to build or what land or lot to purchase, STOP!  Please visit our consulting section and schedule a time to chat with us as there are many things to be aware of when choosing property and building a house in Belize.  

Belize has unique challenges

Our experience in this part of the world will be invaluable to you in making a wise investment for your family and your financial assets. We have experienced hurricanes and an earthquake, but we are proud to say that all houses built by A.L. Construction sustained no significant damages. 


Custom Homes: quality contractor

We are a premier Belize custom home builder. We pride ourselves on building dream homes with unparalleled fit and finish. 

Condo's: the right choice

We are the first choice of developers to build condo complexes because of our large workforce and in-house contractors.  We see projects through from start to finish and have the ability to complete projects in a timely manner.  Our experience provides the developer with a product that withstands the wear and tear of vacation rental use.

We have renovated and revitalized many existing resorts and have access to many wholesale high-end finishes and authentic decor. When updating a resort or building new we provide infrastructure support and quality, which is needed to not only survive the elements of nature, but thrive during the constant use and abuse of vacationers.  Our products are profitable for years to come by keeping up front costs low, as well as long term maintenance.



Resorts: whether remodeling or

starting new

Belize boasts beautiful hardwoods.  A. L. Construction is known for their custom cabinetry, traditional moldings and trim, and hand-made doors.  We've even been known to build a Murphy Bed or two.  All of our carpentry is of the highest quality at an affordable price.  We have not come across a project we can't do.

Carpentry...if it's wood!!

Our custom vanities, creative tile work, and extensive lines of granite and unique fixtures and sinks allows us to stand above the competition.

Bathrooms, kitchens

and more...

Our custom furniture is the most durable and affordable. Beach loungers to the Murphy beds, our customers rave about the quality. Every item is hand crafted on site with local hardwoods and durable finishes. Discounts available on bulk orders.  Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding customizing your furniture, built-ins, and doors.



Custom furniture

Whether you want a custom septic system, a standard septic tank, or a "green" drainage field, our experts make sure each system works seamlessly with your home and will stand the test of time.

Sewage systems

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