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Small Excavators

These machines are so versatile you can do just about any type of construction work with them. It is used for digging holes and landscaping work. These user-friendly, versatile machines are becoming an important development tool, particularly in urban areas where tighter quarters demand smaller, lighter equipment.



This machine is a rough terrain fork lift with a quick detach bucket and fork. Maximum lifting capacity is 10,000 / 8,000 lbs. It has a 54 / 42 ft reach and its concrete bucket is used for placing concrete onto roofs, patios, and foundations. When it comes to height it can be used as a scaffold for hard to reach areas.


Semi Tractor Trailer

These machines are mainly used for transporting equipment and construction material. The trailer is also used to move houses to desired locations and for transporting lumber and containers.


Dump Trucks and Delivery Service

Customers are our main priority, therefore we make the effort to haul aggregates, fill lots, and deliver construction material to the desired location on a timely manner. We also make it possible to order in small portion to save leftover/waste material. We also carry a 3,500 gallon water truck that can deliver drinking water and fill cisterns, pools for private residences and resorts, as well as construction sites.


Speciality Equipment

320B long reach excavator is rented at an hourly rate and operated by a well-trained employee. It has become necessary, especially for boat owners who want access to water, to have a canal excavated. When it comes to dredging lagoon to fill a newly purchased lot, we do our best to assist customers/clients to obtain a legal permit in order to proceed with the dredging. The Excavator is also used to load fills in dump trucks as the dredging is in process. Front End Loader is a heavy equipment used to move material around the crusher and to the distribution department of aggregates.


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