CFA - Continuous Flight Auger Piles.


The CFA Piling System 

The system being used is based on a methodology locally refined by Albert and Klaas Loewen of A.L Construction Ltd.


The system is an augered pile installation methodology that is internationally recognized as the Continuous Flight Auger Piling (CFA Pile).


The system comprises a combination procedure that affords the following elements in a single process:


  1. ​Position and Confinement
  2. Auger Drilling and extraction of spoils
  3. Tremie concrete placement via auger core
  4. Steel reinforcement cage placement with cover spacers and 
  5. Concrete Vibration via cage induction

The equipment used is an Auger Adaption Rig attached to CAT Excavator boom that is hydraulically controlled and capable of vertical and inclined drilling to a depth of 40 ft at vertically any location, from solid grounds to swamp areas on this peninsula.


The system's main power source is a track driven Cat Excavator 320 C, capable of traversing difficult terrain conditions and is "self-supporting" in unforgiving slopes and soil conditions, since it carries accessories for earth moving, lifting, spreading and cutting as necessary.


The same connection cleat that supports the Auger Rig also supports a Pile-drive Hammer Rig with quick set-up connections, fold and carry capability.


Typically, concrete of minimum 3,500 psi is targeted and up to 5,000 psi is possible if required. Generally, no additives are required as a 6" slump is used to afford required workability to ensure efficient pumping and steel reinforcement placement is problem-free.


Steel reinforcement cages are manually prepared in advance to designed specifications and brought to site. The Rig also has a block & tackle gusset for hoisting and lowering the cage reinforcement, thus requiring limited manpower to guide the placement of the cage in freshly concreted piles.


A unique semi-circular RC centralizer spacer is used to ensure targeted steel cover while its profile minimizes disturbance to freshly excavated earth walls during steel cage insertion.



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