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Supply Store


Our Supply Store

A.L. Construction is the premier supplier of hardware, tools, and materials to professional contractors and individual customers in Placencia and Southern Belize.

Our Sales Associates

Our sales associates are experienced and will recommend which supplies work best for your project and help also estimate how much you need. 


Quality Supplies

In order to get quality supplies that you feel good about and at a fair price, be sure to contact us.



Contact us directly to learn about our huge size selection in everything from pine to mahogany.  




    Breakers, boxes, circuits, covers, outlets, connectors, wire, fuses, insulators, conduit, pvc, switches, tape, ties, lights, bulbs, and much more......!



    Pipes, copper tubing, adapters, bushings, caps, couplings, elbows, hoses, clamps, nipples, pumps, sinks, tanks, toilets, tubs, showers.....you name it!!




    Paint, spray paint, sealers, resins, stains, varnishes, brushes, rollers, trays, tape.....everything you need for your painting and finishing projects



    Stains, Paints & Finishes

    Steel rebar, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, adhesives, brass fittings, sheet rock, cement, concrete block, roofing, door hardware, cabinets, tile, cleaners.....call us with all your needs.



    Construction Supplies

    Motor vehicle oil, belts, filters, additives.  Appliances, pool supplies, household items.



    And MORE!!

    Established 1998

    A.L. Construction Company Ltd.

    Parcel 84, Placencia Road, Maya Beach 

    Stann Creek District, Belize, Central America

    Please contact us with questions or to arrange an initial call or a meeting.

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